🎬 An OpenGL application for editing and retouching images using depth-maps in 2.5D
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ReTouch is an OpenGL application that enables editing and retouching of images using depth-maps in 2.5D. The depth maps are generated by Volume, a state of the art tool, that uses a CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) to predict depth-maps from 2D images . ReTouch uses these depth-maps to enable the addition of depth of field and color retouching for the foreground and background separately.

  1. Demo Video
  2. Features
  3. Installation
  4. Dependencies
  5. License



  • Image and Depth-map viewer


  • Depth of field - switchable between foreground and background

Depth of Field

  • Color retouching - Coloring for foreground and background separately



To install start by cloning the repo using --recursive flag, to clone submodules too. e.g

git clone https://github.com/juniorxsound/ReTouch --recursive

Once you have the repo cloned, make sure you have CMake installed. Create a directory titled build/ in the root folder of the repo, cd into that folder and run

cmake ../

Once CMake finshes you can easily run


to build a new executable and run it by calling ./ReTouch in the build folder


Tested on macOS (10.13.2) using CMake (3.10.0)

ReTouch was developed under the advisement of Prof. Ken Perlin and Prof. Daniele Panozzo @ NYU, Special thanks to Shirin Anlen


Attached here