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⚒ My boilerplate three.js + glslify + webpack starter for quick prototyping. Check it out live here

Quick-start | Develop | Deploy


To quickly get started, clone the repository

git clone

Make sure you have yarn installed (or install it) and run

cd THREE.Webpack && yarn

Now you can start developing by running

yarn run dev


You can use the following commands from the root of the project:
yarn run dev - Start Webpack development server (supports HMR)
yarn run style - Run prettier and format the code (config is in .prettierrc)
yarn run build - Build static markdown and JS bundle into dist folder
yarn run deploy - Use gh-pages to commit to the static folder to a Github pages branch (needs a GITHUB_TOKEN enviorment variable)


This repository uses Travis CI for deploying a static page to Github pages. All you need to do is connect the repository to your Travis account, create a Github access token and set the token as an environment variable in Travis under GITHUB_TOKEN.