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πŸ’» Simple and flexible CLI Tool for your daily JIRA activity (supported on all OSes)
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A CLI tool for JIRA for day to day usage with JIRA.Speed up your JIRA activity with this CLI tool.



You are required to have Node.js installed to run the cli tool or after installing Node.js you can make executable and run the excutable to use the tool. Make executable

Getting Started

  1. Log in to Atlassian and generate your API TOKEN.
  2. Copy the API TOKEN

Install Using NPM

You can use directly install the package using NPM or YARN

 npm install -g jirax 
 yarn add jirax

use the below command to get started

 npx jirax

By Cloning the repository

Install all dependency

npm install 

Create the symlink. This command will help you execute jirax commands at global level

npm link or sudo npm link


Login In Cli

You need to login before using any of JIRAX features.

jirax -l

This will prompt few questions to enter your credentials please enter the credentials to use the CLI.)

$ Your JIRA Host Name (eg:
$ Your JIRA User Name
$ Your API Token 

It will authenticate with JIRA Server and after successfull login, your name will prompt with message


Your Login details will be stored in a JSON file located in

$XDG_CONFIG_HOME or ~/.config.

# access it 

JIRAX Commands

# prints all available commands
jirax --help 

Open the Issue directly in Browser


Open issue details in CLI


View all the issues in browser for a Project (i.e project Key)


List of all TO DO issues

list of all todo issues for the logged in user. Here project key is optional and if project key is not provided then it will return all the open issues for the user


List of Completed issues


View all the issues in browser for a Project (i.e project Key)


Transtion of issues (move issues from one status to another)



Assign issues to another user



Self Assign an Issue


Clear Stored Credentials

In case of your API token revoked or you have revoked the previous API token then you need to clear the previous credentials using the following command and Relogin using command jirax login



Asciicast Preview


Making executable

After cloning the repository. Run this command this command will automatically create plateform specific executables.

 npm run build


We hope that you will consider contributing to Jirax. Please read this short overview Contribution Guidelines for some information about how to get started

MIT License

jirax is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

Copyright (c) 2019

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