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Build and packaging scripts for OpenContrail.
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Build and packaging scripts for OpenContrail.

Contents of this repository

├── debian/                  # Debian packaging
│   ├── contrail/            # Debian package for contrail
│   └── <pkg-name>/          # Debian package <pkg-name>
├── rpm/                     # RPM packaging
│   ├── contrail/            # RPMs for contrail
│   │   ├── contrail.spec    # RPM spec for package contrail
│   │   └── <pkg-files>      # Files used with package contrail
│   └── <pkg-name>/          # RPMs for <pkg-name>
│   │   ├── <pkg-name>.spec  # RPM spec for package <pkg-name>
│   │   └── <pkg-files>      # Files used with package <pkg-name>
├── utils/                   # Utility scripts
└── Makefile

Packaging guide (RPM)

  1. Keep spec files in corresponding directories (e.g. contrail-heat: rpm/contrail-heat/contrail-heat.spec)
  2. Keep all additional files in directories specific to package
  3. Use absolute paths for sandbox-related variables (e.g. %define _distropkgdir %{_sbtop}tools/packages/rpm/%{name})

Using Makefile for RPM

  1. Makefile can be used from anywhere within the contrail sandbox, e.g. make -f <current_path_to_packages>/Makefile
  2. Following Makefile targets are supported:
    1. rpm - builds all rpm packages in the repository
    2. rpm-<pkg-name> - builds specific package <pkg-name>
    3. dep - installs all dependencies for all packages (requires root privileges or sudo)
    4. dep-<pkg-name> - installs dependencies for <pkg-name> (requires root privileges or sudo)
    5. list - lists all the packages available for building
    6. info - shows information about set variables
  3. Following Environment variables can be used for controlling Makefile behavior:
    1. DEBUGINFO = TRUE/FALSE - build debuginfo packages (default: TRUE)
    2. TOPDIR - control where packages will be built (default: SB_TOP)
    3. SCONSOPT = debug/production - select optimization level for scons (default: production)
    4. SRCVER - specify source code version (default from controller/src/base/
    5. KVERS - kernel version to build against (default: installed version of kernel-devel)
    6. BUILDTAG - additional tag for versioning (default: date +%m%d%Y%H%M)
    7. SKUTAG - OpenStack SKU (default: ocata)

Debian Packaging (Deprecated)

In order to build the debian packages execute the following set of commands from the top level directory of your sandbox.

make -f packages.make
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