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Timeout for tests

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Tests that 'runaway' or take too long, can be automatically failed. There are two options for implementing this behaviour:

Timeout parameter on @Test Annotation (applies to test method)

You can optionally specify timeout in milliseconds to cause a test method to fail if it takes longer than that number of milliseconds. If the time limit is exceeded, then the failure is triggered by an Exception being thrown:

public void testWithTimeout() {

Timeout Rule (applies to entire test class)

The Timeout Rule applies the same timeout to all test methods in a class:

public class HasGlobalTimeout {
    public static String log;

    public Timeout globalTimeout = Timeout.seconds(10); // 10 seconds max per method tested

    public void testInfiniteLoop1() {
        log += "ran1";
        for (;;) {

    public void testInfiniteLoop2() {
        log += "ran2";
        for (;;) {
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