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sbrannen Improve method names for event filtering in EngineTestKit API
This commit deprecates the all(), containers(), and tests() methods in
EngineExecutionResults and introduces equivalent replacements named
allEvents(), containerEvents(), and testEvents(), respectively.

Closes #1950
Latest commit 8ce46d9 Jul 9, 2019
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src Rename Jupiter Migration Support to `junit-jupiter-migrationsupport` Jun 7, 2017
junit-jupiter-migrationsupport.gradle.kts Revert "Simplify dependency declarations" May 19, 2019

Module junit-jupiter-migrationsupport

This module provides support for JUnit 4 rules within JUnit Jupiter. Currently, this support is limited to subclasses of the org.junit.rules.Verifier and org.junit.rules.ExternalResource rules of JUnit 4, respectively.

Please note that a general support for arbitrary org.junit.rules.TestRule implementations is not possible within the JUnit Jupiter extension model.

The main purpose of this module is to facilitate the migration of large JUnit 4 codebases containing such JUnit 4 rules by minimizing the effort needed to run such legacy tests under JUnit 5. By using one of the two provided class-level extensions on a test class such rules in legacy code bases can be left unchanged including the JUnit 4 rule import statements.

However, if you intend to develop a new extension for JUnit 5 please use the new extension model of JUnit Jupiter instead of the rule-based model of JUnit 4.

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