Third party Extensions

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On this page, the JUnit community collects a list of third-party test engines and extensions.

Feel free to add your own!

JUnit Platform Test Engines

Engine authors may also add a minimal working example to the junit5-multiple-engines project.

JUnit Platform Build Support

JUnit Jupiter Extensions

  • SpringExtension for JUnit Jupiter support in the Spring TestContext Framework
  • MockitoExtension: Extension that initializes mocks and handles strict stubbings. This extension is the JUnit Jupiter equivalent of Mockito's MockitoJUnitRunner for JUnit 4.
    • Available in the mockito-junit-jupiter artifact.
  • MockKExtension: JUnit Jupiter extension for the Mock K mocking library for Kotlin
  • Docker
  • upREST
  • JGiven
  • SBT Jupiter Interface: Implementation of SBT's test interface for JUnit Jupiter
  • CDI Test: Testing CDI Beans with JUnit 5.
  • JPA Unit: Enables easy testing of JPA entities with an arbitrary JPA provider
  • selenium-jupiter: Extension for Selenium WebDriver (also compatible with Appium)
  • jFairy
  • Togglz
  • Database Rider: Adds support for DbUnit in JUnit Jupiter tests
  • Rerunner-Jupiter: Re-run failed JUnit-Jupiter tests immediately
  • Wiremock: Inject ready-to-use wiremock server in test methods
  • wiremock-extension: use WireMock in JUnit 5 by annotating test classes and fields (also supports mocking multiple servers and custom configuration)
  • mockito-rest-spring Mocking external services defined using Swagger/OpenAPI
  • Kafka JUnit: For testing with a Kafka broker
  • Kafka JUnit: Another library for testing with a Kafka broker
  • JUnit Extensions: JUnit Jupiter equivalents of some of the common JUnit 4 rules: ExpectedException, TemporaryFolder, etc.
  • JUnit Pioneer: JUnit 5 extension pack, pushing the frontiers on Jupiter.
  • Jersey JUnit for testing JAX-RS and Jersey-based applications using the Jersey test framework
  • Unroll Extension for Kotlin: provide Spock-like where and @Unroll support for Kotlin
  • GreenMail: JUnit Jupiter support for GreenMail
  • S3Mock: JUnit Jupiter Extension for running Adobes S3Mock from Unit Tests.
  • Citrus Framework: Enable Citrus related dependency injection and parameter resolving
  • XWiki Component Mocking: JUnit Jupiter extension to automatically inject mock components for @Inject fields, and more. See also the source code.
  • Pact extension: JUnit Jupiter extension for consumer driven contract testing using Pact
  • Samebug: JUnit Jupiter extension for Samebug
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