Free offline maps with routing functions and more ...
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Free offline maps with routing functions and more ...

This project uses OSM data, Mapsforge and Graphhopper open source API.

PocketMaps home page

PocketMaps on Google Play


resumable downloading



map view:

search by coordinate:


turn by turn navigation:



sport analysis:


how to Create Maps

read from source: (graphhopper)

  • Download the raw openstreetmapOpenStreetMap Data Extracts file - to create the routing data
    • Execute ./ import . This creates the routing data
  • Download a map e.g. Mapsforge .map Download Server
  • Copy into the created berlin-gh folder
  • Optional Compression Step: Bundle a graphhopper zip file via cd berlin-gh; zip -r berlin.ghz *
  • Now copy the berlin-gh folder from step 4 (or the .ghz file from step 5) to your Android device.
    • /[download-folder]/graphhopper/maps, where the download-folder can e.g. be /mnt/sdcard/download or /storage/sdcard/Download/ - e.g. use SSHDroid: scp -P 2222 berlin.ghz root@$URL:/mnt/sdcard/download/graphhopper/maps/

for the current version please use graphhoper 0.4.1 with 'car, foot and bike' to generate maps

add this line to your graphhoper/ to enable 'car, foot and bike':


some of the created Maps

Maps sources

Mapsforge .map Download Server

OpenStreetMap Data Extracts

  • This server has data extracts from the OpenStreetMap project which are normally updated every day.


The MIT License (MIT)