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Artemis-odb is a high performance java based Entity-Component-System framework.

It is actively maintained, and a continuation of the popular Artemis.


For more details, see


Artemis-ODB is one of the fastest incarnations of Artemis.

Operations/second. Higher is better.

it16k ir16k arc16k

See entity-system-benchmarks for more benchmarks. Don't take our word for it, run the benchmarks yourself!

Made with artemis-odb

Commercial games

Open source games

game source/binaries matrix author
Arktrail source play N/A @DaanVanYperen
Sine source cdm @timtipgames
Spaceship Warrior Redux source play cdm updated by @Flet
Ned et les Maki source N/A Geeky Gobling Prod
Naturally Selected 2D source play cdm @DaanVanYperen
The Underkeep source play cdm @DaanVanYperen
Tox source play N/A @DaanVanYperen

Dependency Matrix

Generate dependency matrix of your existing systems, managers and components.

Shaman's Weirding Game: Component Dependency Matrix

Getting started


There's a google group at!forum/artemis-odb - in addition to the issues, where hitherto much of the discussion has taken place. The original artemis forum is still around too, though it doesn't see much traffic, nor is it specific to artemis-odb:



See weave automation and module overview


  dependencies { compile "net.onedaybeard.artemis:artemis-odb:0.9.0" }

Manual Download

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