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Markdown Extra formatter plugin for Redmine.
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Redmine Markdown Extra formatter

This is a redmine plugin for supporting Markdown Extra as a wiki format.

What is redmine?

Redmine is a flexible project management web application. See the official site for more details.

What is Markdown Extra?

PHP Markdown Extra is a special version of PHP Markdown implementing some features currently not available with the plain Markdown syntax. (excerpt from



  1. Copy the plugin directory into the vendor/plugins directory
  2. Start Redmine
  3. Installed plugins are listed on 'Admin -> Information' screen.


  • Junya Ogura ( for making the change to use BlueFeather library
  • Yuki Sonoda ( did the real work by creating the redmine_rd_formatter
  • Jean-Philippe Lang for making the change to RedMine (based on Yuki's patch) to allow pluggable formatters

Suggestions, Bugs, Refactoring?

Fork away and create a Github Issue. Pull requests are welcome.

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