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News, we are working on a stronger version of POMP. With a (we think) bug-free PT module and a reverse executor for long execution trace with significantly improvde efficiency

POMP: Postmortem Program Analysis with Hardware-Enhanced Post-Crash Artifacts

Repo for the source code of POMP. It consists of four major components:

  1. Source code of POMP, under reverse-from-coredump/
  2. A customized libdisasm-0.23, under libdisasm-0.23/
  3. A customized Linux Kernel that supports Intel PT, under
  4. A Intel PIN tool to simulate Intel PT (for machines without PT), under

We are currently working on organizing documents and test cases. We have pushed two testcases for you to test the functionablity of our tool.

We have two branches - master and intelpin. The former works with Intel PT trace, but not easy to debug; The latter can run with Intel Pin logging trace. It is easy to debug as our Pin tool provides all the intermediate results.

Note that our tool only supports 32 bit now.

If you need to port this tool to 64bit, you need to replace libdisasm and the interfaces related to libdisasm.

For more details about POMP, please refer to

@inproceedings {203880,
title = {Postmortem Program Analysis with Hardware-Enhanced Post-Crash Artifacts},
booktitle = {26th USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 17)},
year = {2017},
address = {Vancouver, BC},
url = { },
publisher = {USENIX Association},

It would be very convenient if you cite the above article if our code is of help to your work.


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