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This project is a fork of x264 QuickTime Codec, updated to work with a more recent x264 code base (x264-snapshot-20120119-2245) [1] and reissued under the (same) GPL for your hacking pleasure.

[1] available here:

Be advised that this little project takes two liberties (easily changed by forking and recompiling):

  1. It is hardcoded to use the Zero Latency (real-time) setting because that is what I needed.

  2. It changes the four-cc code from 'avc1' to 'x264' in order to avoid a collision with the built-in OS X H.264 encoder.

Another caveat: this build is Intel-only, and I have only tested it on Snow Leopard.

Binary download

A binary download is available here.

To use, simply un-zip and move the x264Codec.component to /Library/QuickTime (This may require administrator permissions.) (Or you should be able to use your user's Library/QuickTime folder.)