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from underscore import fo
print(fo(100000, typ='hex'))
print(fo(100000, typ='bin'))
print(fo(1000000, sep=' '))
print(fo(1000000, typ='hex', sep=' '))
print(fo(1000000, typ='bin', sep=' '))
print(fo(-1000000, sep=' '))
print(fo(-1000000, typ='hex', sep=' '))
print(fo(-1000000, typ='bin', sep=' '))
print(fo(-1000000, sep='__'))
print(fo(-1000000, typ='hex', sep='__'))
print(fo(-1000000, typ='bin', sep='__'))
print(fo(-9999999, sep='__', dis=0))
print(fo(-9999999, typ='hex', sep='__', dis=4))
print(fo(-9999999, typ='bin', sep='__', dis=8))
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