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TodoMVC apps built in each library CanJS supports
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CanJS TodoMVC Demos

This project contains a collection of TodoMVC demos using CanJS with the different libraries that it supports.


  • jquery: CanJS with jQuery
  • jquery-widget: CanJS with jQuery (includes a jQuery UI widget binding example)
  • dojo: CanJS with Dojo
  • dojo-widget: CanJS with Dojo (includes a Dojo widget binding example)
  • mootools: CanJS with Mootools
  • yui: CanJS with YUI
  • yui-widget: CanJS with YUI (includes a YUI widget binding example)
  • zepto: CanJS with Zepto

Getting Started

To get these demos:

  1. Download the latest release or clone the project: git clone
  2. Run these demos on a local server. Open the corresponding, self-named, demo page:

    • jquery: jquery/index.html
    • jquery-widget: jquery-widget/index.html
    • dojo: dojo/index.html
    • dojo-widget: dojo-widget/index.html
    • mootools: mootools/index.html
    • yui: yui/index.html
    • yui-widget: yui-widget/index.html
    • zepto: zepto/index.html

You can also use the [links above][demos] to view the demos live on


FuncUnit tests for each demo are included in the test directory.

To run the unit tests:

  1. First update the submodules: git submodule update --init --recursive
  2. Open the corresponding test page:

    • all frameworks: test/index.html
    • jquery: test/jquery.html
    • jquery-widget: test/jquery-widget.html
    • dojo: test/dojo.html
    • dojo-widget: test/dojo-widget.html
    • mootools: test/mootools.html
    • yui: test/yui.html
    • yui-widget: test/yui-widget.html
    • zepto: test/zepto.html


Public Domain

Created and maintained by Bitovi

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