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Mxui is a BETA UI library for jQueryMX. It's designed to be lightweight, with limited options, but flexible enough to be extended and mixed for richness.

Here's what's inside:

  • [Mxui.Nav.Accordion Accordion] - an accordion widget.
  • [Mxui.Layout.Bgiframe Bgiframe] - adds a background iframe to stop IE's input element 'bleed' problem.
  • [Mxui.Layout.Block Block] - makes an element fill up another element or window.
  • [jQuery.fn.mxui_layout_fill Fill] - makes complex layouts easy.
  • [Mxui.Layout.Modal Modal] - creates a modal
  • [Mxui.Layout.Resize Resize] - allows resizing of widgets
  • [Mxui.Nav.Selectable Selectable] - keyboard and mouse navigation.
  • [Mxui.Nav.Slider Slider] - a slider
  • [Mxui.Layout.Sortable Split] - sort elements.
  • [Mxui.Layout.Split Split] - a splitter widget
  • [Mxui.Layout.TableScroll TableScroll] - makes a tbody scroll.


The following shows almost all of the above controls in action:

@demo mxui/demo.html


If you are using github, you can simply add mxui as a submodule the same way you added steal, jquerymx, etc. Simply fork and clone [].

You can also install Mxui from the command line. Run:

./js steal/getjs mxui

If you only want part of MXUI, you can install that like:

./js steal/getjs mxui/layout/fill

In Progress

We also have the following widgets which we are working on:

  • Grid - a basic grid
  • Tree - a basic tree
  • Combobox - a rich combobox
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