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add watch:ios:dev task #5

paulmillr opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Thanks Paul for adding it as a request !


Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Paul.

The reason it is done this way is because of the Cordova CLI. The tool hands off a lot of the Cordova-based work to Cordova CLI. I used to have it baked in myself, but applying Cordova updates was a pain.

  • If I do a web-based build (no Cordova) then Brunch handles everything under build/web.
  • If I do a Cordova-based build, then Brunch builds the app to a Cordova project under build/cordova.
    • From there I use Cordova CLI to build/emulate for a specific platform. (the tasks abstract it away)

For the behavior requested, I think I would need to check to see if/how to hook to Brunch and watch for build changes. What I can do is trigger a rebuild then.


Closing for the moment. Currently only added watch support for web only.

@jupl jupl closed this
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