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jUPnP is a Java UPnP library and has been forked from the no-longer maintained Cling project.

Build Instructions

Building and running the project is fairly easy if you follow the steps detailed below.

1. Prerequisites

The build infrastructure is based on Maven in order to make it as easy as possible to get up to speed. If you know Maven already then there won't be any surprises for you. If you have not worked with Maven yet, just follow the instructions and everything will miraculously work ;-)

What you need before you start:

Make sure that the "mvn" command is available on your path

2. Checkout

Checkout the source code from GitHub, e.g. by running

git clone

3. Building with Maven

To build jUPnP from the sources, Maven takes care of everything:

  • change into the jupnp directory (cd jupnp)
  • run mvn clean install to compile and package all sources

The build result will be available in the folder target.

4. Working with Eclipse

When using Eclipse ensure that the JDK is set via the -vm option in eclipse.ini. Otherwise m2e might fail to resolve the system scoped dependency to tools.jar.