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[RETIRED] Jupyter Dashboards - Layout Extension

This project has been retired and replaced by incorporating the Voilà ecosystem of dashboarding tools into Project Jupyter. See the Jupyter blog posts about Voilà and the proposal to make Voilà part of Jupyter for more details. voila-gridstack is an on-going project to support layouts created by this deprecated extension using Voilà.

Project Status: Inactive – The project has reached a stable, usable state but is no longer being actively developed; support/maintenance will be provided as time allows. PyPI version Build Status Google Group


The dashboards layout extension is an add-on for Jupyter Notebook. It lets you arrange your notebook outputs (text, plots, widgets, ...) in grid- or report-like layouts. It saves information about your layouts in your notebook document. Other people with the extension can open your notebook and view your layouts.

Dashboard layout screenshot

For a sample of what's possible with the dashboard layout extension, have a look at the demo dashboard-notebooks in this repository.


Detailed installation instructions appear in the Getting started page of the project docs. Here's a quickstart using pip or conda:

# install using pip from pypi and then activate the extension
pip install jupyter_dashboards
jupyter dashboards quick-setup --sys-prefix

# install using conda from conda-forge, no activation required
conda install jupyter_dashboards -c conda-forge


The Development page includes information about setting up a dev environment and typical dev tasks.