Converts a notebook to a kernel gateway microservice bundle for download
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Jupyter Kernel Gateway Bundlers

Collection of reference implementation bundlers that convert, package, and deploy notebooks as standalone HTTP microservices behind a kernel gateway.

What It Gives You

  • File → Download as → Microservice Docker bundle (.zip) menu item to get a zip bundle that you can build into a notebook-as-a-microservice Docker image


  • Jupyter Notebook 4.0.x running on Python 3.x or Python 2.7.x
  • jupyter_cms>=0.3.0
  • Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari

Install It

# install the python package
pip install kernel_gateway_bundlers
# enable the extension in your ~/.jupyter config
jupyter kernel_gateway_bundlers activate

Uninstall It

jupyter kernel_gateway_bundlers deactivate
pip uninstall kernel_gateway_bundlers

Use It

Currently, there is only one download bundler available in this package. To use it:

  1. Write a notebook that includes metadata for the kernel gateway notebook-http mode
  2. Click File → Download as → Microservice Docker bundle (.zip)
  3. Follow the README in the downloaded bundle.