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[RETIRED] A spot to try demos of one or more incubating Jupyter projects in Binder
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[RETIRED] Jupyter Incubator Showcase

This project has been retired. See the proposal to move the project to jupyter-attic, announcement of the proposal on the mailing list, and Steering Council vote on the proposal PR for more information.


This repo showcases some projects in the Jupyter Incubation area in a click-to-try temporary notebook server provided by the (totally awesome) Binder project. The binder image currently includes:

  • Jupyter Notebook 4.1 with Python 2 and Python 3 kernels
  • jupyter_dashboards, jupyter_declarativewidgets, jupyter_cms, and jupyter_dashboards_bundlers incubating extensions
  • Example notebooks from the extension projects
  • Spark 1.6.0 with pyspark (for some examples)

Note: Sometimes the Binder rebuilds without running the Dockerfile here for some unknown reason (e.g., someone clicking the button on the binder site with the wrong config?) If it's currently in a bad state, you can file an issue here for us to rebuild it or try most of the same tech on the tmpnb site at


If you have a project under and would like to mix your work in with the other projects show cased here, feel free to submit a PR. If your project makes more sense standalone, feel free to create your own Binder instead.