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Low-code Python library to safely use notebooks in production: schedule workflows, generate assets, trigger webhooks, send notifications, build pipelines, manage secrets (Cloud-only)


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✨ Welcome to Naas!

Notebooks as a service (Naas) is an open source platform that allows anyone touching data (business analysts, scientists and engineers) to create powerful data engines combining automation, analytics and AI from the comfort of their Jupyter notebooks.

Naas is an attempt to propose an alternative to Google Colab, powered by the community.

In addition to Google Colab, Naas platform upgrade notebooks with with 3 low-code layers: features, drivers, templates.

  • Templates enable the user to create automated data jobs and reports in minutes.
  • Drivers act as connectors to push and/or pull data from databases, APIs, and Machine Learning algorithms and more.
  • Features transform Jupyter in a production ready environment with scheduling, asset sharing, and notifications.

🚀 Quick Start

Try all of Naas's features for free using -- Naas cloud -- a stable environment, without having to install anything.

⚙️ Installation

Check out our step by step guide on how to set up Naas locally.

❤️ Contributing

We value all kinds of contributions - not just code. We are paticularly motivated to support new contributors and people who are looking to learn and develop their skills.

Please read our contibuting guidelines on how to get started.

🤔 Community Support

The naas documentation is a great place to start and to get answers for general questions.

📃 License

The project is licensed under AGPL-3.0