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ipywidgets, also known as jupyter-widgets or simply widgets, are interactive HTML widgets for Jupyter notebooks and the IPython kernel.

Notebooks come alive when interactive widgets are used. Users gain control of their data and can visualize changes in the data.

Learning becomes an immersive, fun experience. Researchers can easily see how changing inputs to a model impact the results. We hope you will add ipywidgets to your notebooks, and we're here to help you get started.

.. toctree::
    :caption: User Guide
    :maxdepth: 1
    examples/Widget Basics.ipynb
    examples/Widget List.ipynb
    examples/Output Widget.ipynb
    examples/Widget Events.ipynb
    examples/Widget Styling.ipynb
    examples/Layout Templates.ipynb
    examples/Widget Custom.ipynb
    examples/Using Interact.ipynb
    examples/Widget Low Level.ipynb
    examples/Widget Asynchronous.ipynb

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   :caption: Changelog and Migration
   :maxdepth: 1

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   :caption: Developer Guide
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