Sphinx extension for rendering of Jupyter interactive widgets.
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Jupyter Sphinx Extensions

Jupyter-sphinx enables the rendering of Jupyter interactive widgets in sphinx documentation.


With pip:

pip install jupyter_sphinx

with conda:

conda install jupyter_sphinx -c conda-forge

Render Jupyter Interactive Widgets jupyter_sphinx.embed_widgets

This extension provides a means of rendering Jupyter interactive widgets within sphinx documentation.

It is derived from the altair sphinx extension, which is distributed under the terms of the BSD 3-Clause license.

Enabling the extension

To enable this extension, add jupyter_sphinx.embed_widgets to your enabled extensions in conf.py.


Two directives are provided: ipywidgets-setup and ipywidgets-display.

ipywidgets-setup code is used to set-up various options prior to running the display code. For example:

.. ipywidgets-setup::

	from ipywidgets import VBox, jsdlink, IntSlider, Button

.. ipywidgets-display::

    s1, s2 = IntSlider(max=200, value=100), IntSlider(value=40)
    b = Button(icon='legal')
    jsdlink((s1, 'value'), (s2, 'max'))
    VBox([s1, s2, b])

In the case of the ipywidgets-display code, if the last statement of the code-block returns a widget object, it will be rendered.


The directives have the following options:

.. ipywidgets-setup::
    :show: # if set, then show the setup code as a code block

    from ipywidgets import Button

.. ipywidgets-display::
    :hide-code:   # if set, then hide the code and only show the widget
    :code-below:  # if set, then code is below rather than above the widget
    :alt: text    # alternate text when widget cannot be rendered



File conf.py has two extra (optional) configuration options:

  • jupyter_sphinx_require_url: url for require.js (if your theme already provides this, set it to False or '')
  • jupyter_sphinx_embed_url: url for the embedding, if set to None (default) a proper default will be taken from the ipywidgets.embed module.


  • For the widgets to be succesfuly rendered, this extension requires an internet connection, since it depends on a cdn-served JavaScript file to be loaded.
  • Widgets rendered on the same page use the same widget manager. As a consequence, they can be linked with each other via JavaScript link widgets. However, no kernel is connected and therefore, interaction with the backend will not happen.


We use a shared copyright model that enables all contributors to maintain the copyright on their contributions.

All code is licensed under the terms of the revised BSD license.