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xeus-sql is a Jupyter kernel for general SQL implementations based on the native implementation of the Jupyter protocol xeus and SOCI, a database access library for C++.

xeus-sql screencast


Launch the Jupyter notebook with jupyter notebook or Jupyter lab with jupyter lab and launch a new SQL notebook by selecting the xsql kernel.

Note that xeus-sql support the following SQL implementations:

  • DB2
  • Firebird
  • MySQL
  • ODBC (generic backend)
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite3


xeus-sql has been packaged for the mamba (or conda) package manager.

To ensure that the installation works, it is preferable to install xeus-sql in a fresh environment.

To ensure that the installation works, it is preferable to install xeus in a fresh environment. It is also needed to use a miniforge or miniconda installation because with the full anaconda you may have a conflict.

The safest usage is to create an environment named xeus-sql

mamba create -n xeus-sql
source activate xeus-sql

Installing from conda-forge

To install xeus-sql with the mamba (or conda) package manager:

mamba install xeus-sql jupyterlab -c conda-forge

With mamba:

mamba install xeus-sql jupyterlab -c conda-forge

Conda forge offers packaged versions for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite and you can download them with: soci-mysql, soci-postgresql or soci-sqlite.

xeus-sql includes soci-core only. Which consists on the SOCI package with no DB extension attached.



xeus-sql depends on

xeus dependencies
xeus-sql xeus-zmq tabulate nlohmann_json xproperty xvega-bindings soci-core
master >=1.0.1, <2.0 >=1.4|>=3.0.0 >= 0.0.10, <3.10.0 >=0.11.0 >=0.0.10 >=4.0.1
0.2.1 >=1.0.1, <2.0 >=1.4|>=3.0.0 >= 0.0.10, <3.10.0 >=0.11.0 >=0.0.10 >=4.0.1
0.2.0 >=1.0.1, <2.0 >=1.4|>=3.0.0 >= 0.0.10, <3.10.0 >=0.11.0 >=0.0.10 >=4.0.1

Prior to version 0.2, xeus-sql was depending on

xeus-sql xeus tabulate nlohmann_json xproperty xvega-bindings soci-core
<=0.1.5 >=2.0.0, <3.0 >=1.4|>=3.0.0 >= 0.0.10, <3.10.0 >=0.10.4 >=0.0.10 >=4.0.1
<=0.1.2 >=1.0.0, <2.0 >=1.4|>=3.0.0 >= 0.0.10 | 4.0.1 >=0.10.4 >=0.0.10 >=4.0.1
<=0.0.6 >=0.24.0, <0.25 >=1.4|>=3.0.0 >= 0.0.5 | 4.0.1 >=0.10.4 >=0.0.3 >=4.0.1
SQL dependencies

These are optional dependencies that come by default with xeus-sql but may or may not be added to your project in case you're building manually. For more information check the CONTRIBUTING file.

xeus-sql PostgreSQL SQLite MySQL soci-sqlite, soci-postgres, soci-mysql
master >=3.30.1, <4 >=3.0.0, <4 >=1.3.0,<2.0 >=4.0.1
<=0.1.5 >=3.30.1, <4 >=3.0.0, <4 >=1.3.0,<2.0 >=4.0.1


See to know how to contribute and set up a development environment.


We use a shared copyright model that enables all contributors to maintain the copyright on their contributions.

This software is licensed under the BSD-3-Clause license. See the LICENSE file for details.