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import argparse
import errno
import json
import os
import shutil
import subprocess
import sys
import urllib
import IPython.html
from bundle_static import BundleStatic
from install_lib import COLAB_ROOT_PATH
from install_lib import pjoin
from install_lib import CopyTreeRecursively
from install_lib import MakeDirectoryIfNotExist
from install_lib import RemoveDirectoryIfExist
from install_lib import RemoveFileIfExist
from install_lib import RemoveFileOrDirectoryIfExist
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Installs the Chrome App.')
help='Create release version')
args = parser.parse_args()
# Chrome App IDs for release and debug versions.
# These are used to determine allowed origins in JavaScript message passing
DEBUG_APP_ID = 'dmaaimdkehikanjidckkheggnaecfgbg'
RELEASE_APP_ID = 'pianggobfjcgeihlmfhfgkfalopndooo'
RELEASE = "20140805"
base_url = "" % RELEASE
NACL_PEXE_FILE_URL = base_url + "kernel.pexe"
NACL_TAR_FILE_URL = base_url + "pnacl_data.tar.gz"
def UpdateTarFile(tar_file, colabtools_src_dir, tmp_dir):
"""Updates the tar resources file.
Untar/zip's the resources file, adds colabtools to the site-packages,
and rezip/tar's the file.
tar_file: the filename of the .tar.gz file
colabtools_src_dir: source directory of colabtools (should end in /colabtools)
tmp_dir: temporary directory to unzip tar file contents to. Cleanup
of this directory is the responsibility of the caller.
with open(os.devnull, 'w') as devnull:
if['tar', '-zxvf', tar_file, '-C', tmp_dir],
stdout=devnull, stderr=devnull):
raise RuntimeError('Failed to extract tar file')
# Copy colabtools directory to site-pacakges directory in
# tar'ed resources.
colabtools_dest_dir = pjoin(tmp_dir, 'lib', 'python2.7', 'site-packages', 'colabtools')
CopyTreeRecursively(colabtools_src_dir, colabtools_dest_dir)
# Overwrite original tar file
with open(os.devnull, 'w') as devnull:
if['tar', '-zcvf', tar_file, '-C', tmp_dir, '.'],
stdout=devnull, stderr=devnull):
raise RuntimeError('Failed to update tar file')
def InstallChrome(release, colab_root, dest):
"""Installs the Chrome App.
release: Whether to produce release version.
colab_root: root directory of colaboratory source
dest: destination directory for build
# stage static files
app_id = DEBUG_APP_ID
if release:
'app_mode': True,
'app_origin': 'chrome-extension://' + app_id
BundleStatic(colab_root, dest, extra_template_args=extra_template_args)
# copy chrome app files, putting pnacl files in root
# as the folder structure is hard coded into the pnacl kernel code
# right now
CopyTreeRecursively(pjoin(colab_root, 'chrome'), dest)
CopyTreeRecursively(pjoin(colab_root, 'chrome', 'pnacl'), dest)
# Download .pexe and .tar.gz files. Later these will be pulled
# from the naclports continuous builder
pexe_file = pjoin(dest, 'pnacl', 'kernel.pexe')
tar_file = pjoin(dest, 'pnacl_data.tar.gz')
url_opener = urllib.URLopener()
if not os.path.isfile(pexe_file):
print 'Downloading ' + NACL_PEXE_FILE_URL
url_opener.retrieve(NACL_PEXE_FILE_URL, pexe_file)
if not os.path.isfile(tar_file):
print 'Downloading ' + NACL_TAR_FILE_URL
url_opener.retrieve(NACL_TAR_FILE_URL, tar_file)
tmp_resources_dir = pjoin(dest, 'tmp_pnacl_resources')
colabtools_src_dir = pjoin(colab_root, 'colabtools')
UpdateTarFile(tar_file, colabtools_src_dir, tmp_resources_dir)
if release:
# In release mode, we must change client IDS
manfiest_file = pjoin(dest, 'manifest.json')
manifest = {}
with open(manfiest_file, 'r') as f:
manifest = json.loads(
# Delete "key" entry, because published app's don't
# use private keys to determine to Chrome App ID.
del manifest['key']
# Change the Client ID to the release client ID
manifest['oauth2']['client_id'] = RELEASE_CLIENT_ID
# Pretty-print to same manifest file.
with open(manfiest_file, 'w') as f:
f.write(json.dumps(manifest, indent=2, separators=(',', ': ')))
if __name__ == '__main__':
InstallChrome(args.release, COLAB_ROOT_PATH, pjoin(COLAB_ROOT_PATH, 'build_chrome'))
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