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Contributing to Project Jupyter for the First Time

Welcome fellow contributor! We appreciate your help.

We typically label issues appropriate for new contributors as good first issue or help wanted. To start an issue, you may comment to let everyone know that you'll be working on it. Our repos typically provide development installation instructions in each repo's or Should you find an issue with our development installation instructions please let us know in our issues. We want to ensure that our documentation for development installation is accurate. Additionally, other contributors are often available to answer questions about fixing the issue on the issue number or on the repo's gitter channel.

We strive to have a inclusive, welcoming community. Please read our code of conduct to learn more.

Major Repos and Issue Types


IPython, nbgrader, JupyterHub, repo2docker, and Binder are major repos written primarily in Python.


All our repos have documentation issues that are relevant for new contributors.


Jupyter Notebook, JupyterLab, and IPyWidgets use JavaScript and TypeScript.


JupyterHub, repo2docker, and Binder have many issues related to devops. See links above.

Web Development

We have issues related to the website.

Contributor Guide

For more information, please read our Contributor Guide