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Kernel Gateway Demos

Example applications of the Jupyter Kernel Gateway.


Folder Summary Kernel Gateway Mode
cf_demo Recipe for deploying the scotch_demo microservice to Cloud Foundry using the Python buildpack notebook-http
all-spark-kernels Repurposes the jupyter/all-spark-notebook Docker image to run a kernel gateway server instead of Jupyter Notebook server jupyter-websocket
microservice_demo Example of using a notebook microservice as part of an IFTTT flow, notebook-http
nb2kg Extension that makes Jupyter Notebook work with remote kernels provided by a kernel gateway server, jupyter-websocket
node_client_example Shows how to spawn kernels and evaluate code on them using a Node client based on jupyter-js-services jupyter-websocket
python_client_example Shows how to spawn kernels and evaluate code on them using a Python client jupyter-websocket
scotch_demo Example of a notebook for scotch recommendations turned into a RESTful microservice, with three separate implementations in R, Julia, and Python notebook-http
swagger-notebook-service Example of generating a notebook microservice template from a swagger spec and deploying it as a microservice, notebook-http