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The Classic Jupyter Notebook as a Jupyter Server Extension

Testing nbclassic Documentation Status

Read the full NbClassic User Manual here!

The Jupyter Notebook is evolving to bring you big new features, but it will also break backwards compatibility with many classic Jupyter Notebook extensions and customizations.

NbClassic provides a backwards compatible Jupyter Notebook interface that you can install side-by-side with the latest versions: That way, you can fearlessly upgrade without worrying about your classic extensions and customizations breaking.

How does it work?

Because NbClassic provides the classic interface on top of the new Jupyter Server backend, it can coexist with other frontends like JupyterLab and Notebook 7 in the same installation. NbClassic preserves the custom classic notebook experience under a new set of URL endpoints, under the namespace /nbclassic/.

Basic Usage

Install from PyPI:

> pip install nbclassic

This will automatically enable the NbClassic Jupyter Server extension in Jupyter Server.

Launch directly:

> jupyter nbclassic

Alternatively, you can run Jupyter Server:

> jupyter server