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Changes in nbconvert


5.4.1 on Github

Thanks to the following 11 authors who contributed 57 commits.

  • Benjamin Ragan-Kelley
  • Carol Willing
  • Clayton A Davis
  • Daniel Rodriguez
  • M Pacer
  • Matthew Seal
  • Matthias Geier
  • Matthieu Parizy
  • Rüdiger Busche
  • Thomas Kluyver
  • Tyler Makaro

Comprehensive notes

New Features

Fixing Problems

Testing, Docs, and Builds

  • DOC: Add missing language specification to code-block :ghpull:`882`:


5.4 on Github

Significant Changes


Python 3.3 support was dropped. The version of python is no longer common and new versions have many fixes and interface improvements that warrant the change in support.

See :ghpull:`843` for implementation details.

Changes in how we handle metadata

There were a few new metadata fields which are now respected in nbconvert.

nb.metadata.authors metadata attribute will be respected in latex exports. Multiple authors will be added with , separation against their names.

nb.metadata.title will be respected ahead of for title assignment. This better matches with the notebook format.

nb.metadata.filename will override the default output_filename_template when extracting notebook resources in the ExtractOutputPreprocessor. The attribute is helpful for when you want to consistently fix to a particular output filename, especially when you need to set image filenames for your exports.

The raises-exception cell tag (nb.cells[].metadata.tags[raises-exception]) allows for cell exceptions to not halt execution. The tag is respected in the same way by nbval and other notebook interfaces. nb.metadata.allow_errors will apply this rule for all cells. This feature is toggleable with the force_raise_errors configuration option. Errors from executing the notebook can be allowed with a raises-exception tag on a single cell, or the allow_errors configurable option for all cells. An allowed error will be recorded in notebook output, and execution will continue. If an error occurs when it is not explicitly allowed, a CellExecutionError will be raised. If force_raise_errors is True, CellExecutionError will be raised for any error that occurs while executing the notebook. This overrides both the allow_errors option and the raises-exception cell tags.

See :ghpull:`867`, :ghpull:`703`, :ghpull:`685`, :ghpull:`672`, and :ghpull:`684` for implementation changes.

Configurable kernel managers when executing notebooks

The kernel manager can now be optionally passed into the ExecutePreprocessor.preprocess and the executenb functions as the keyword argument km. This means that the kernel can be configured as desired before beginning preprocessing.

This is useful for executing in a context where the kernel has external dependencies that need to be set to non-default values. An example of this might be a Spark kernel where you wish to configure the Spark cluster location ahead of time without building a new kernel.

Overall the ExecutePreprocessor has been reworked to make it easier to use. Future releases will continue this trend to make this section of the code more inheritable and reusable by others. We encourage you read the source code for this version if you're interested in the detailed improvements.

See :ghpull:`852` for implementation changes.

Surfacing exporters in front-ends

Exporters are now exposed for front-ends to consume, including classic notebook. As an example, this means that latex exporter will be made available for latex 'text/latex' media type from the Download As interface.

See :ghpull:`759` and :ghpull:`864` for implementation changes.

Raw Templates

Template exporters can now be assigned raw templates as string attributes by setting the raw_template variable.

class AttrExporter(TemplateExporter):
    # If the class has a special template and you want it defined within the class
    raw_template = """{%- extends 'rst.tpl' -%}
{%- block in_prompt -%}
raw template
{%- endblock in_prompt -%}
exporter_attr = AttrExporter()
output_attr, _ = exporter_attr.from_notebook_node(nb)
assert "raw template" in output_attr

See :ghpull:`675` for implementation changes.

New command line flags

The --no-input will hide input cells on export. This is great for notebooks which generate "reports" where you want the code that was executed to not appear by default in the extracts.

An alias for notebook was added to exporter commands. Now --to ipynb will behave as --to notebook does.

See :ghpull:`825` and :ghpull:`873` for implementation changes.

Comprehensive notes

New Features


Fixing Problems

Testing, Docs, and Builds


5.3.1 on Github

  • updated to include LICENSE and scripts/ when creating sdist. :ghpull:`666`


5.3 on Github

Major features

Tag Based Element Filtering

For removing individual elements from notebooks, we need a way to signal to nbconvert that the elements should be removed. With this release, we introduce the use of tags for that purpose.

Tags are user-defined strings attached to cells or outputs. They are stored in cell or output metadata. For more on tags see the nbformat docs on cell metadata.


  1. Apply tags to the elements that you want to remove.

For removing an entire cell, the cell input, or all cell outputs apply the tag to the cell.

For removing individual outputs, put the tag in the output metadata using a call like display(your_output_element, metadata={tags=[<your_tags_here>]}).

NB: Use different tags depending on whether you want to remove the entire cell, the input, all outputs, or individual outputs.

  1. Add the tags for removing the different kinds of elements to the following traitlets. Which kind of element you want to remove determines which traitlet you add the tags to.

The following traitlets remove elements of different kinds:

  • remove_cell_tags: removes cells
  • remove_input_tags: removes inputs
  • remove_all_outputs_tag: removes all outputs
  • remove_single_output_tag: removes individual outputs

Comprehensive notes

  • new: configurable browser in ServePostProcessor :ghpull:`618`
  • new: --clear-output command line flag to clear output in-place :ghpull:`619`
  • new: remove elements based on tags with TagRemovePreprocessor. :ghpull:`640`, :ghpull:`643`
  • new: CellExecutionError can now be imported from nbconvert.preprocessors :ghpull:`656`
  • new: slides now can enable scrolling and custom transitions :ghpull:`600`
  • docs: Release instructions for nbviewer-deploy
  • docs: improved instructions for handling errors using the ExecutePreprocessor :ghpull:`656`
  • tests: better height/width metadata testing for images in rst & html :ghpull:`601` :ghpull:`602`
  • tests: normalise base64 output data to avoid false positives :ghpull:`650`
  • tests: normalise ipython traceback messages to handle old and new style :ghpull:`631`
  • bug: mathjax obeys \\(\\) & \\[\\] (both nbconvert & pandoc) :ghpull:`609` :ghpull:`617`
  • bug: specify default templates using extensions :ghpull:`639`
  • bug: fix pandoc version number :ghpull:`638`
  • bug: require recent mistune version :ghpull:`630`
  • bug: catch errors from IPython execute_reply and error messages :ghpull:`642`
  • nose completely removed & dependency dropped :ghpull:`595` :ghpull:`660`
  • mathjax processing in mistune now only uses inline grammar :ghpull:`611`
  • removeRegex now enabled by default on all TemplateExporters, does not remove cells with outputs :ghpull:`616`
  • validate notebook after applying each preprocessor (allowing additional attributes) :ghpull:`645`
  • changed to LICENSE for more standard licensing that GitHub knows how to read :ghpull:`654`


5.2 on GitHub

Major features

In this release (along with the usual bugfixes and documentation improvements, which are legion) we have a few new major features that have been requested for a long time:

Global Content Filtering

You now have the ability to remove input or output from code cells, markdown cells and the input and output prompts. The easiest way to access all of these is by using traitlets like TemplateExporter.exclude_input = True (or, for example HTMLExporter.exclude_markdown = True if you wanted to make it specific to HTML output). On the command line if you just want to not have input or output prompts just use --no-prompt.

Execute notebooks from a function

You can now use the executenb function to execute notebooks as though you ran the execute preprocessor on the notebooks. It returns the standard notebook and resources options.

Remove cells based on regex pattern

This removes cells based on their matching a regex pattern (by default, empty cells). This is the RegexRemovePreprocessor.

Script exporter entrypoints for nonpython scripts

Now there is an entrypoint for having an exporter specific to the type of script that is being exported. While designed for use with the IRkernel in particular (with a script exporter focused on exporting R scripts) other non-python kernels that wish to have a language specific exporter can now surface that directly.

Comprehensive notes


This release has been larger than previous releases. In it 33 authors contributed a total of 546 commits.

Many thanks to the following individuals who contributed to this release (in alphabetical order):

  • Adam Chainz
  • Andreas Mueller
  • Bartosz T
  • Benjamin Ragan-Kelley
  • Carol Willing
  • Damián Avila
  • Elliot Marsden
  • Gao, Xiang
  • Jaeho Shin
  • Jan Schulz
  • Jeremy Kun
  • Jessica B. Hamrick
  • John B Nelson
  • juhasch
  • Livia Barazzetti
  • M Pacer
  • Matej Urbas
  • Matthias Bussonnier
  • Matthias Geier
  • Maximilian Albert
  • Michael Scott Cuthbert
  • Nicholas Bollweg
  • Paul Gowder
  • Paulo Villegas
  • Peter Parente
  • Philipp A
  • Scott Sanderson
  • Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy
  • Sylvain Corlay
  • Thomas Kluyver
  • Till Hoffmann
  • Xiang Gao
  • YuviPanda


5.1.1 on GitHub

  • fix version numbering because of incomplete previous version number


5.1 on GitHub


5.0 on GitHub

  • Use :command:`xelatex` by default for latex export, improving unicode and font support.
  • Use entrypoints internally to access Exporters, allowing for packages to declare custom exporters more easily.
  • New ASCIIDoc Exporter.
  • New preprocessor for sanitised html output.
  • New general convert_pandoc filter to reduce the need to hard-code lists of filters in templates.
  • Use pytest, nose dependency to be removed.
  • Refactored Exporter code to avoid ambiguity and cyclic dependencies.
  • Update to traitlets 4.2 API.
  • Fixes for Unicode errors when showing execution errors on Python 2.
  • Default math font matches default Palatino body text font.
  • General documentation improvements. For example, testing, installation, custom exporters.
  • Improved link handling for LaTeX output
  • Refactored the automatic id generation.
  • New kernel_manager_class configuration option for allowing systems to be set up to resolve kernels in different ways.
  • Kernel errors now will be logged for debugging purposes when executing notebooks.


4.3 on GitHub

  • added live widget rendering for html output, nbviewer by extension


4.2 on GitHub

  • :ref:`Custom Exporters <external_exporters>` can be provided by external packages, and registered with nbconvert via setuptools entrypoints.
  • allow nbconvert reading from stdin with --stdin option (write into notebook basename)
  • Various ANSI-escape fixes and improvements
  • Various LaTeX/PDF export fixes
  • Various fixes and improvements for executing notebooks with --execute.


4.1 on GitHub

  • setuptools fixes for entrypoints on Windows
  • various fixes for exporters, including slides, latex, and PDF
  • fixes for exceptions met during execution
  • include markdown outputs in markdown/html exports


4.0 on GitHub