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The Jupyter Notebook Format Code Health CI Tests

nbformat contains the reference implementation of the Jupyter Notebook format, and Python APIs for working with notebooks.

There is also a JSON schema for notebook format versions >= 3.


From the command line:

pip install nbformat

Using a different json schema validator

You can install and use fastjsonschema by running:

pip install nbformat[fast]

To enable fast validation with fastjsonschema, set the environment variable NBFORMAT_VALIDATOR to the value fastjsonschema.

Python Version Support

This library supported python 2.7 and python 3.5+ for 4.x.x releases. With python 2's end-of-life nbformat 5.x.x is now python 3.5+ only. Support for 3.5 will be dropped when it's officially sunset by the python organization.


Read for guidelines on how to setup a local development environment and make code changes back to nbformat.

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