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A system for assigning and grading Jupyter notebooks.

Documentation can be found on Read the Docs.

Highlights of nbgrader

Instructor toolbar extension for Jupyter notebooks

The nbgrader toolbar extension for Jupyter notebooks guides the instructor through assignment and grading tasks using the familiar Jupyter notebook interface.

Creating assignment

Instructor "formgrader" extension for Jupyter notebooks

The formgrader extension for the Jupyter notebook allows instructors to use the core functionality of nbgrader---generating the student version of an assignment, releasing assignments to students, collecting assignments, autograding submissions, and manually grading submissions.

Formgrader extension

Student assignment list extension for Jupyter notebooks

Using the assignment list extension, students may conveniently view, fetch, submit, and validate their assignments.

nbgrader assignment list

The command line tools of nbgrader

Command line tools offer an efficient way for the instructor to generate, assign, release, collect, and grade notebooks.

SciPy 2017 overview talk (click to view on YouTube)

nbgrader: A Tool for Creating and Grading Assignments in the Jupyter Notebook | SciPy 2017


For detailed instructions on installing nbgrader and the nbgrader extensions for Jupyter notebook, please see Installation section in the User Guide.


Please see the contributing guidelines and documentation.

If you want to develop features for nbgrader, please follow the development installation instructions.