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Contributing to repo2docker development

Thank you for thinking about contributing to repo2docker!

(And thank you particularly for coming to read the guidelines! 😍)

The repo2docker developer documentation is all rendered on our documentation website: If you're here, you're probably looking for the Contributing to repo2docker development page.

Please make sure you've read the following sections before opening an issue/pull request:

There are a few other pages to highlight:

  • Our roadmap
    • We use the roadmap to develop a shared understanding of the project's vision and direction amongst the community of users, contributors, and maintainers. This is a great place to get a feel for what the maintainers are thinking about for the short, medium, and long term future of the project.
  • Design of repo2docker
    • This page explains some of the design principles behind repo2docker. Its a good place to understand why the team have made the decisions that they have along the way!
    • We absolutely encourage discussion around refactoring, updating or extending repo2docker, but please make sure that you've understood this page before opening an issue to discuss the change you'd like to propose.
  • Common developer tasks and how-tos
    • Some notes on running tests, buildpack dependencies, creating a release, updating the changelog and keeping the pip files up to date.
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