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Base classes for repo2docker ContentProviders
ContentProviders accept a `spec` of various kinds, and
provide the contents from the spec to a given output directory.
import logging
import os
class ContentProviderException(Exception):
"""Exception raised when a ContentProvider can not provide content."""
class ContentProvider:
def __init__(self):
self.log = logging.getLogger("repo2docker")
def content_id(self):
"""A unique ID to represent the version of the content.
This ID is used to name the built images. If the ID is the same between
two runs of repo2docker we will reuse an existing image (if it exists).
By providing an ID that summarizes the content we can reuse existing
images and speed up build times. A good ID is the revision of a Git
repository or a hash computed from all the content.
The type content ID can be any string.
To disable this behaviour set this property to `None` in which case
a fresh image will always be built.
return None
def detect(self, repo, ref=None, extra_args=None):
"""Determine compatibility between source and this provider.
If the provider knows how to fetch this source it will return a
`spec` that can be passed to `fetch`. The arguments are the `repo`
string passed on the command-line, the value of the --ref parameter,
if provided and any provider specific arguments provided on the
If the provider does not know how to fetch this source it will return
raise NotImplementedError()
def fetch(self, spec, output_dir, yield_output=False):
"""Provide the contents of given spec to output_dir
This generator yields logging information if `yield_output=True`,
otherwise log output is printed to stdout.
spec -- Dict specification understood by this ContentProvider
output_dir {string} -- Path to output directory (must already exist)
yield_output {bool} -- If True, return output line by line. If not,
output just goes to stdout.
raise NotImplementedError()
class Local(ContentProvider):
def detect(self, source, ref=None, extra_args=None):
if os.path.isdir(source):
return {"path": source}
def fetch(self, spec, output_dir, yield_output=False):
# nothing to be done if your content is already in the output directory
msg = "Local content provider assumes {} == {}".format(spec["path"], output_dir)
assert output_dir == spec["path"], msg
yield "Using local repo {}.\n".format(spec["path"])
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