Master roadmap for Project Jupyter
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Project Jupyter Roadmap

The following is a very rough outline of the roadmap for Project Jupyter and IPython. Historically, we have published major releases every 6-9 months. With our project now split across many subprojects, we expect to release subprojects separately and more often.

This roadmap only includes mainline subprojects under the Jupyter ( and IPython ( GitHub orgs. We also have a number of newer, experimental subprojects in the Jupyter Incubator ( organization.

In this roadmap, we refer to the future major releases as follows:

  • Next (the next major release)
  • Next+1 (the major release after that)
  • Future (any release beyond the Next+1)

This reflects the inherent uncertainty in releases that are more than about 1 year away. In some cases, if progress is made more quickly, features may be moved to earlier releases.