Advance Tutorial For SciPy
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SciPy 2015 Jupyter advanced tutorial material

This tutorial will be separated in 3 parts.

In the first part we will investigate how to write and install Notebook extensions, we will first focus on how to write the Browser side of the extension, and get a quick introduction the how javascript works, as well as some of the necessary tooling one need to work with javascript in browser. Then we'll see how one can also create Python server-side extension, and how to communicate between the Python and javascript side.

In second part, with our javascript knowledge, we will be ready to learn how to write custom widgets, both on the Browser and Server side.

In the last part, we will look at mass deployment of multi-user jupyter-hub, and how the different tooling to install jupyterhub fit into the deployments of custom extensions and widgets in a multi-user environment. Jupyter-hub is also working on a number of extension that allow custom authentication, and server spawning that we will discuss.