A Dummy JupyterHub Authenticator to make testing easy
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Dummy JupyterHub Authenticator

Simple authenticator for JupyterHub that allows all user logins regardless of password. Useful only for testing, do not use for anything actually serious!


pip install jupyterhub-dummyauthenticator

Should install it. It has no additional dependencies beyond JupyterHub.

You can then use this as your authenticator by adding the following line to your jupyterhub_config.py:

c.JupyterHub.authenticator_class = 'dummyauthenticator.DummyAuthenticator'


If you want, you can set a static global password for all users. This provides slightly more security, but not that much more than having no password set :)

c.DummyAuthenticator.password = "your strong password"