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A store of Helm chart tarballs for deploying JupyterHub and BinderHub on a Kubernetes cluster
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This repository stores Helm chart tarballs for BinderHub and JupyterHub. While this repo is a store of Helm chart tarballs, actual development of the Helm charts takes place in the BinderHub and Zero to JupyterHub repos. These Helm charts are used with Kubernetes deployments of BinderHub and JupyterHub.


The gh-pages branch of this repo contains the latest helm charts for BinderHub and JupyterHub. It also contains historical charts as well.

Website with an index of all charts

Versions coupled to each chart release

Each JupyterHub Helm chart release utilizes a specific version of JupyterHub and requires at least a certain Kubernetes version and Helm version to function properly.

For detailed information about what libraries are available alongside JupyterHub in the hub pod, see the associated Dockerfile or requirements.txt.

Helm Chart v. JupyterHub v. Req. Kubernetes v. Req. Helm v. Associated files
0.8.2 0.9.6 1.11+ 2.11.0+ 0.8.2
0.7.0 0.9.2 1.8+ 2.9.0+ 0.7.0
v0.6 0.8.1 ? ? v0.6
v0.5 0.8.1 ? ? v0.5
v0.4 0.7.2 ? ? v0.4
v0.3.1 0.7.2 ? ? v0.3.1
v0.3 0.7.2 ? ? v0.3


Please refer to the following documentation for instructions on the use of these helm charts:

Links to related repos


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