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Events Archiver

Events Archiver processes events emitted by BinderHub & makes them publicly available. It reads from a Google Cloud Storage bucket populated by StackDriver export, puts them into a more standard format, and publishes it to another GCS bucket.

Timestamp resolution reduction

Publicly published events have timestamps with minute resolution - second & microsecond information is trimmed. This is a precautionary measure to protect against possibly de-anonymization attacks in the future.

Running Locally

You can test events archiver locally with:

GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=secrets/analytics-publisher-auth-key-prod.json \
python3 images/analytics-publisher/ \
        --debug \
        --dry-run \
        binder-prod binderhub-events-text  \
        mybinder-events-raw-export mybinder-events-archive

The --debug and --dry-run options tell the script to print output to stdout, rather than upload to another GCS bucket.

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