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JupyterLab extension-cookiecutter-ts

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⚠️ We strongly advice to use the template next generation:

A cookiecutter template for creating a JupyterLab extension. Three kinds of extension are supported:

  • frontend: Pure frontend extension written in TypeScript.
  • server: Extension with frontend (in TypeScript) and backend (in Python) parts.
  • theme: Theme for JupyterLab (using CSS variables).

See also extension-cookiecutter-js for an extension in CommonJS.

Use the template to create package

Install cookiecutter.

pip install cookiecutter

Use cookiecutter to generate a package, following the prompts to fill in the name and authorship of your new JupyterLab extension.

cookiecutter --checkout 4.0

The available options are:

  • kind:
    • frontend --> Extension has only a frontend (TypeScript + CSS) part
    • server --> Extension has frontend and backend (new Python endpoint handlers for the server) parts
    • theme --> Extension provides a new theme (and nothing else)
  • author_name: The extension author name
  • author_email: The extension author email
  • labextension_name: Extension name
  • python_name: Pythonic extension name (if your extension has no server part, it will only be used to distribute the extension as a Python package)
  • project_short_description: Extension short description
  • has_settings: Whether the extension will have user settings or not.
  • has_binder: Whether to set up binder for the extension or not.
  • test: Whether to add test set ups and skeletons for the extension or not
  • repository: Version Control System repository URI

If you'd like to generate a package for a specific JupyterLab release, use the --checkout option and give a tag or commit from this repository.

cookiecutter --checkout v1.0
cookiecutter --checkout v2.0
cookiecutter --checkout 3.0

A simple example

Your new extension includes a very simple example of a working extension. Use this example as a guide to build your own extension. Have a look at the extension examples repository for more information on various JupyterLab features.