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Linked data exploration in JupyterLab.
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JupyterLab Metadata Extension

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jupyter labextension install @jupyterlab/metadata-extension @jupyterlab/dataregistry-extension

This JupyterLab extension

  • displays linked data about the resources you are interacting with in JuyterLab.
  • enables other extensions to register as linked data providers to expose JSON LD about an entity given the entity's URL.
  • exposes linked data to the user as a Linked Data viewer in the Data Browser pane.
  • Check out the project vision in the "Press Release from the Future"!


Usage docs


This repository is in active development, and we welcome collaboration. For development guidance, please consult the development guide.

If you have ideas or questions, feel free to open an issue, or, if you feel like getting your hands dirty, feel free to tackle an existing issue by contributing a pull request.

We try to keep the current issues relevant and matched to relevant milestones.

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