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Clarifies workflow to export as Reveal.js slides
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.. _user_export:

Exporting Notebooks

JupyterLab allows you to export your jupyter notebook files (``.ipynb``)
into other file formats such as:

- Asciidoc ``.asciidoc``
- HTML ``.html``
- Latex ``.tex``
- Markdown ``.md``
- PDF ``.pdf``
- ReStructured Text ``.rst``
- Executable Script ``.py``
- Reveal.js Slides ``.html``

To access these options, while a notebook is open, browse the File menu:

.. image:: images/exporting_menu.png
:align: center
:class: jp-screenshot

Note: The exporting options depend on your nbconvert configuration. For more
information visit the
`official nbconvert documentation <>`__.

.. _user_export_revealjs:

Reveal.js Slides
In order to export your notebooks as `Reveal.js <>`__
slides, follow these steps:

1. Open a notebook by double clicking it in the
:ref:`file browser <working-with-files>`.
2. Select Cell tools in the :ref:`left sidebar <left-sidebar>`.
3. Select the slide type (Slide, Subslide, Fragment, Skip, Notes).

.. image:: images/exporting_slide_type.png
:align: center
:class: jp-screenshot

4. Activate another cell.
5. Repeat 3 and 4 until you selected the slide type for all of your cells.

After completing these steps, browse the file menu and export as described in
the :ref:`exporting notebooks <user_export>` section. A ``.html`` file that
you will be prompted to download.

If you don't know how to navigate and interact with a Reveal.js presentation,
visit the project's `website <>`__.
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