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Upgrade helper for extensions #8870

blink1073 opened this issue Aug 20, 2020 · 6 comments · Fixed by #8950

Upgrade helper for extensions #8870

blink1073 opened this issue Aug 20, 2020 · 6 comments · Fixed by #8950
enhancement status:resolved-locked Closed issues are locked after 30 days inactivity. Please open a new issue for related discussion. tag:Extensions


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It should be easy for extension authors to upgrade their extensions with support for JupyterLab 3.0.

Proposed Solution

Create a script that extension authors can run that will generate the Python package infrastructure and update package.json with support for dynamic extensions. For extensions that already have a, we update their package.json and offer a note (and link to example) for updating their (and pyproject.toml).

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Member Author

Note: target the extensions-example repo for this script

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Member Author

@jasongrout while working on this I had a thought. Previously there was an install-ext script in the cookiecutter. Should we re-purpose that to call pip install -e . && jupyter labextension develop --overwrite .?

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Member Author

blink1073 commented Aug 27, 2020


import json
import os
import os.path as osp
from pathlib import Path
import pkg_resources
import shutil
import sys
import subprocess


# Input is a directory with a package.json or the current directory
# Use the cookiecutter as the source
# Pull in the relevant config
# Pull in the Python parts if possible
# Pull in the scripts if possible
def main(target):
    target = osp.abspath(target)
    package_file = osp.join(target, 'package.json')
    setup_file = osp.join(target, '')
    if not osp.exists(package_file):
        raise RuntimeError('No package.json exists in %s' % target)

    # Infer the options from the current directory
    with open(package_file) as fid:
        data = json.load(fid)
    if osp.exists(setup_file):
        python_name = subprocess.check_output([sys.executable, '', '--name'], cwd=target).decode('utf8').strip()
        python_name = data['name']
        if '@' in python_name:
            python_name = python_name[1:].replace('/', '_')
    arg_data = dict(
        author_name = data.get('author', '<author_name>'),
        labextension_name = data['name'],
        project_short_description = data.get('description', '<description>'),
        has_server_extension = 'y' if osp.exists(setup_file) else 'n',
        has_binder = 'y' if osp.exists(osp.join(target, 'binder')) else 'n',
        repository = data.get('repository', {}).get('url', '<repository'),
        python_name = python_name

    args = ['%s=%s' % (key, value) for (key, value) in arg_data.items()]
    repo = ''

    extension_dir = osp.join(target, '_temp_extension')
    if osp.exists(extension_dir):
        shutil.rmtree(extension_dir)['cookiecutter', repo, '--checkout', COOKIECUTTER_BRANCH, '-o', extension_dir] + args, cwd=target)

    python_name = os.listdir(extension_dir)[0]
    extension_dir = osp.join(extension_dir, python_name)

    # From the created package.json, grab the builder dependency
    with open(osp.join(extension_dir, 'package.json')) as fid:
        temp_data = json.load(fid)
    for (key, value) in temp_data['devDependencies'].items():
        data['devDependencies'][key] = value

    # Ask the user whether to upgrade the scripts automatically
    warnings = []
    choice = input('overwrite scripts in package.json? [n]: ')
    if choice.upper().startswith('Y'):
        warnings.append('Updated scripts in package.json')
        for (key, value) in temp_data['scripts'].items():
            data['scripts'][key] = value
        warnings.append('package.json scripts must be updated manually')

    # Set the output directory
    data['jupyterlab']['outputDir'] = python_name + '/static'

    # Look for resolutions in JupyterLab metadata and upgrade those as well
    root_jlab_package = pkg_resources.resource_filename('jupyterlab', 'staging/package.json')
    with open(root_jlab_package) as fid:
        root_jlab_data = json.load(fid)
    for (key, value) in root_jlab_data['resolutions'].items():
        if key in data['dependencies']:
            data['dependencies'][key] = value
        if key in data['devDependencies']:
            data['devDependences'][key] = value

    # Sort the entries
    for key in ['scripts', 'dependencies', 'devDependencies']:
        data[key] = dict(sorted(data[key].items()))

    # Update the root package.json file
    with open(package_file, 'w') as fid:
        json.dump(data, fid, indent=2)

    # For the other files, ask about whether to override (when it exists)
    # At the end, list the files that were: added, overridden, skipped
    path = Path(extension_dir)
    for p in path.rglob("*"):
        relpath = osp.relpath(p, path)
        if relpath == "package.json":
        if p.is_dir():
        file_target = osp.join(target, relpath)
        if not osp.exists(file_target):
            os.makedirs(osp.dirname(file_target), exist_ok=True)
            shutil.copy(p, file_target)
            choice = input('overwrite "%s"? [n]: ' % relpath)
            if choice.upper().startswith('Y'):
                shutil.copy(p, file_target)
                warnings.append('skipped %s' % relpath)

    # Print out all warnings
    for warning in warnings:
        print('**', warning)

    print('** Remove _temp_extensions directory when finished')

if __name__ == "__main__":
    if len(sys.argv) > 1:

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Member Author

The script is done, the next question is where it should live. It is generic enough that it could live as python -m jupyterlab.upgrade_extension.

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Nice! if it's generic enough to be broadly useful, I'm happy to have it live as a standalone module in jlab.

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Member Author

Cool, I think it just needs detection of whether the file to be overwritten is actually changing content, I'll do that as part of the PR.

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enhancement status:resolved-locked Closed issues are locked after 30 days inactivity. Please open a new issue for related discussion. tag:Extensions

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