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@blink1073 blink1073 released this
· 13065 commits to master since this release
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  • Semantic menus: #3182
  • Settings editor now allows comments and provides setting validation: #3167
  • Switch to Yarn as the package manager: #3182
  • Support for carriage return in outputs: #2761
  • Upgrade to TypeScript 2.6: #3288
  • Cleanup of the build, packaging, and extension systems. jupyter labextension install is now the recommended way to install a local directory. Local directories are considered linked to the application. cf #3182
  • --core-mode and --dev-mode are now semantically different. --core-mode is a version of JupyterLab using released JavaScript packages and is what we ship in the Python package. --dev-mode is for unreleased JavaScript and shows the red banner at the top of the page. #3270