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@ian-r-rose ian-r-rose released this Apr 16, 2018 · 11860 commits to master since this release

This is the second in the JupyterLab Beta series of releases. It contains many enhancements, bugfixes, and refinements, including:

  • Better handling of a corrupted or invalid state database (#3619, #3622, #3687, #4114).
  • Fixing file dirty status indicator (#3652).
  • New option for whether to autosave documents (#3734).
  • More commands in the notebook context menu (#3770, #3909)
  • Defensively checking for completion metadata from kernels (#3888)
  • New "Shutdown all" button in the Running panel (#3764)
  • Performance improvements wherein non-focused documents poll the server less (#3931)
  • Changing the keyboard shortcut for singled-document-mode to something less easy to trigger (#3889)
  • Performance improvements for rendering text streams, especially around progress bars (#4045).
  • Canceling a "Restart Kernel" now functions correctly (#3703).
  • Defer loading file contents until after the application has been restored (#4087).
  • Ability to rotate, flip, and invert images in the image viewer (#4000)
  • Major performance improvements for large CSV viewing (#3997).
  • Always show the context menu in the file browser, even for an empty directory (#4264).
  • Handle asynchronous comm messages in the services library more correctly (Note: this means @jupyterlab/services is now at version 2.0!) (#4115).
  • Display the kernel banner in the console when a kernel is restarted to mark the restart (#3663).
  • Many tweaks to the UI, as well as better error handling.
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