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A native app for JupyterLab, based on electron.
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Jupyterlab App

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A native app for JupyterLab, based on Electron.

Build dependencies


You will need the development packages of libcairo, libjpeg, and libgif. In Debian-based distributions, these are provided by the libcairo2-dev, libjpeg8-dev, and libgif-dev packages.

Getting started

  1. run git clone
  2. run yarn install or npm install
  3. run yarn build:all or npm run build:all

Building for distribution

To test building for distribution you can install Docker and run yarn dockerdist:platform where "platform" is either "linux" or "win". To build for macOS a macOS computer is required.

If you don't want to user Docker but instead want to build locally, there are a few dependencies you're required to install.

Regarding releasing please check out release

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