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A JS implementation of RGASS, a CRDT synchronization algorithm (real-time decentralized collaborative string editing)
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🚨⚠️ No longer in development, for similar use cases (and using the same basic approach) take a look at It also passes the edge-case described in the TODO section. ⚠️🚨


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A JS implementation of RGASS, a CRDT synchronization algorithm presented in research paper by Xiao Lv et al:

Getting started

This module is still experimental, but it's easy to play with it already:

  1. Clone this repository and
  2. npm install, then
  3. npm start
  4. and open at least two browser windows pointing to localhost:3000.

Now you can test its collaborative text editing functionality. There is also a battletest (see below) that will automatically add and delete strings in two text areas concurrently and raise an error if there is a mismatch, as a way to fuzz test the algorithm.

To run tests

npm test

To run battletest

npm run battletest


  • Resolve issue with overlapping concurrent insertions and deletions, that the algorihtm described in the paper doesn't address (there is a currently failing test describing the above scenario).
  • Serialization of Model
  • Snapshotting (related to above)
  • More bulletproofing
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