Birthday Party Planner
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Birthday Party Planner

This app is intended for small companies that have established social gatherings for their employees. In most of the cases there is too much work to be done when only one person is organizing the party. The main idea of this app is to include all employees and encourage them to contribute their part in the organization. Birthday boys and girls will organize the party, gift buyers will define a list of ideas for the gifts and go buy them and other guests will contribute their ideas for the people who are celebrating. This app helps coordinating everyone involved by sending them reminders and guide them through their tasks.

1. Login

User logs in with his work email and password.

Image of login

2. Home

  • User can se upcoming birthday party and his role in it. Possible roles are the following:

    • Guest, Party organizer, Ideas collector, Store buyer, Online buyer, Gift wraper
  • User must contribute to the organization of the party by executing tasks for his role:

    • Guest: Contribute ideas for the gifts.

    • Party organizer: Collect ideas for the party and send invitation.

    • Ideas collector: Prepare final list of gifts.

    • Store buyer: Pick up gifts in local stores.

    • Online buyer: Buy gifts online.

    • Gift wraper: Find nice gift cards and bags or wrapping paper for each of the birthday boys.

    Image of home

3. Parties

  • Users can see the list of all parties sorted by date.

  • Admin can add new party and include organizers and gift buyers in the process. An email will be sent to all included in the process.

  • Party organizer can send invitation to all other users for the party he is organizing.

Image of parties

4. Calendar

  • Users can see events in the calendar view for the current month and check details of events.

Image of calendar

5. Users

  • Users can see the list of all users in the system and check detailed view of certain user.

  • Admin can add new user. Invitation to the app will be sent to the user.

  • Ideas collector can choose the winning idea and generate final gift list.

Image of calendar

6. Ideas

  • User can see ideas for the gifts except for all users in the organization except for himself. He can add new idea for a certain person or vote for the specific ideas.

Image of calendar

7. Gift fund

  • Admin can monitor cash flow and insert payments.