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Angular Tabs - Demo Library

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by Juri Strumpflohner ·

WARNING: This is not a production ready library, but rather just an example to showcase how to release custom Angular libraries.

This repo is meant to demonstrate the creation of an Angular library, following the Angular Package Format.


So what's in this repo?

  • setup with ng-packagr (master) - the master branch shows the suggested approach, namely to setup your library with ng-packagr.
  • NX workspace setup (with-demoproj-setup) - Setup that shows how you can use Nrwl/NX to setup a nice workspace containing a library project and demo it straight away.
  • Building libraries with Bazel (bazel) - This branch shows how to use Bazel to generate an Angular package.
  • manual setup (manual-setup) - the manual-setup branch on the other hand, demonstrates how to assemble the different tooling in order to get a manual setup with simple npm scripts that are being executed one after the other. This allows for full flexibility and serves for educational purposes, to learn how things are done behind the scenes. This is a slightly improved version of the talk given at NG-BE (see link below).

Useful links

Angular Package Format v5.0, design document at Google Docs


Create and publish Angular libs like a Pro (March 2018) - Juri Strumpflohner at ngVikings, demoing building Angular libraries with ng-packagr, with NX as well as Bazel (30min talk) (Slides)

Juri Strumpflohner - Create & Publish Angular Libs like a PRO at ngVikings

Packaging Angular Libraries (Jan 2018) - Jason Aden at Angular Mountain View Meetup (45min talk)

Packaging Angular Libraries - Jason Aden at Angular Mountain View Meetup

Create and publish Angular libs like a Pro (Dec 2017) - Juri Strumpflohner at NG-BE (30min talk) (Slides)

Juri Strumpflohner - Create and publish Angular libs like a Pro

Packaging Angular (April 2017)- Jason Aden at ng-conf 2017 (28min talk)

Packaging Angular - Jason Aden

Bugs, questions,...

Open an issue here on the repo or simply reach out to me on Twitter 😃