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Project: OpenGTS - Open GPS Tracking System
URL    :
File   : README.txt

 - Please refer to the included "OpenGTS_Config.pdf" file for all installation and 
   configuration information for the OpenGTS system.
 - When updating to a newer version of OpenGTS, it is highly recommended that the 
   following command be run to update the database with the latest table/column 
     $  bin/ -tables=ca
   Or, run the following if alternate key fields also need to be updated:
     $  bin/ -tables=cak
 - On Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8, if you receive the error 
      Error [jsMapInit:[object error]
   then you may need to enable "Active Scripting" in the security tab.
 - A listing of the database tables and fields can be found in the file "SCHEMA.txt"
   in the OpenGTS installation diretory.
 - Documentation is available online at the following link:
 - This open-source version of OpenGTS includes support for the following GPS 
   tracking devices:
     - Aspicore GSM Tracker (Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson phones).
     - Astra Telematics AT240, AT110, AT210.
     - Sanav GC-101, MT-101, and CT-24 Personal Tracker (HTTP-based protocol).
       Sanav GX-101 Vehicle Tracker (HTTP-based protocol).
     - V-Sun 3338 Personal Tracker.
     - Android App "GPS2OpenGTS"
     - iCare G3300 Personal Tracker.
     - Most TK102/TK103 devices.
     - Xexun TK102.
     - ZhongShan SIPGEAR Technology Co, Ltd.
     - TAIP (Trimble ASCII Interface Protocol).
     - TrackStick GPS data logger.
     - "GPSMapper" capable phones.
     - "NetGPS" capable devices.
     - HP hw6965 Windows/CE phone (OpenDMTP compliant)
     - Mologogo capable phones
     - Various Boost Mobile phones (OpenDMTP compliant)

Please let us know if you find any issues with this release.


Visit the following link for additional downloadable documentation and add-ons for 


This package may contain one or more of the following source modules which contain 
copyrights from their respective authors.  Please review these source modules for 
their copyright and license information:


  See the following link for a list of contributors:


Sample data:
Additional documentation for installing sample 'demo' data into the database can be
found in the "README.txt" file in the "sampleData" directory at


Boost Mobile Motorola phones:
For information regarding support for various Boost Mobile Motorola phones, please
see the document at 


Sanav GC-101 GPS Tracking Device Support:
Additional documentation for installing and configuring the GC-101 server within
OpenGTS can be found in the "README.txt" file in the "gc101" source directory at

See the following link for manufacturer's product information:


TAIP (Trimble ASCII Interface Protocol) Support:
Support for TAIP (Trimble ASCII Interface Protocol) is included in this release.  
This server uses the raw-socket mode device communication server based on the example
'template' server.  The "taip.jar" server jar file can be built with the command:
   > ant taip
And can be started in the same manner that other servers are started using the
"" command as follows:
   > $GTS_HOME/bin/ -s taip


ICare G3300 Personal GPS Tracking Device Support:
Support for the ICare G3300 GPS tracking device is included in this release.  This
server uses the raw-socket mode device communication server based on the example
'template' server.  The "icare.jar" server jar file can be built with the command:
   > ant icare
And can be started in the same manner that other servers are started using the
"" command as follows:
   > $GTS_HOME/bin/ -s icare


Updating existing Geozone table entries 
(only required when upgrading from versions previous to v1.9.3):

If you have existing Geozone table entries, they will need to be updated to include
Bounding-Box information used to optimize Geozone lookups.  This update process is
done automatically with the following steps:

1) Update the new Geozone bounding-box table fields:
     > bin/ -tables=ca

2) For each account having Geozone entries, run the following command (replace "<accountID>" 
   with the appropriate account-IDs for each account which has Geozone entries):
     > bin/ Geozone -account=<accountID> -list -update

The update process should now be complete.


Runtime config file property key references
(for *.conf files, such as 'default.conf', 'common.conf', 'webapp.conf, ...):
- The prefixing "#" is a comment character, indicating that the following text is for
  informational purposes only, and should not be parsed.  Comments must be placed on
  a separate line, and must not be specified at the end of a property specification.
- Previously defined property keys may be referenced by placing them in ${...} brackets,
  such as ${}.  Environment variables may also be referenced in this manner, as in 
- A default value may be specified for referenced property keys which have not been defined.   
  For instance ${OUTPUT_DIR=/tmp} would resolve to "/tmp", if the property OUTPUT_DIR is not 
  defined (as an environment variable, or otherwise), or will resolve to the value specified 
  on the OUTPUT_DIR property (or environment variable) if it is defined.
- Recursive propery key references may also be specified.  For instance, the specification
  ${THIS_DIR=${THAT_DIR=/tmp}} will first attempt to resolve the value for "THIS_DIR", if not
  found, then value of THAT_DIR will be returned.  If THAT_DIR is not defined, then finally
  the specification will resolve to "/tmp".
- Property reference specifications for which the property is not defined, and there is no
  specified default value will resolve to the literal "${var}" string.  That is, if "var"
  is not defined, then ${var} will resolve to the literal string "${var}".
- Property reference specifications are only resolved at the time a property value is 
  requested, not at the time the property key=value line is parsed (ie. lazy resolution).  
  For instance, in the property specification below, "var_a" will resolve to "test", even 
  though "var_b" is not defined until after "var_a":
  This means that if "var_b" should ever change, the resolved value of "var_a" will also
  change accordingly.  [ie. "var_a" will only be resolved at the time a call to an RTConfig
  property value retrieval method is called - such as RTConfig.getString("var_a")].
  Write-only (assignable) property keys (ie. %log, %include) are the only exception to this 
  rule.  Since their assigned behavior is executed at the time they are parsed ('%log' prints
  a log message, and '%include' includes a file), write-only property keys must be assigned
  values that can be fully resolved at the time their values are assigned.
- Property keys may be re-assigned.  Property keys take on their last assigned value.  For
  instance, the following will display "Hello", then display "World":
The following are reserved read-only constant property keys:
   %version        returns the current version, as in "2.3.4"
   %contextName    returns the context 'name' (name of the servlet context, or main class name)
   %contextPath    returns the context 'path' (path to the servlet context, or $GTS_HOME)
   %configURL      returns the URL for the loaded config file
   %hostName       returns the current host-name
   %hostIP         returns the current mail host IP address

The following are reserved write-only (assignable) constant property keys:
   %log            displays the specified value to the log output
   %include        includes the config at the value URL (URL must exist, error otherwise)
   %include?       includes the config at the value URL (URL may exist, otherwise ignored)
   (The included URL protocol must be one of "file" or "http".)
The following are available within a PrivateLabel session context:    The PrivateLabel Domain name
   session.locale  The PrivateLabel Domain locale


All trade names listed above are trademarks of their respective companies.
OpenGTS and GTS Enterprise are not affiliated with any of the listed companies.


Contact Info:
Please feel free to contact us regarding questions on this package.

Martin D. Flynn


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