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Design-first privacy notice template

The Juro Privacy Notice is an open source project by and

A couple of years ago, we set out to build a privacy notice that people could actually read. This led to a 13,000% increase in views of the notice. The policy is now one of the most commonly-cited policies in the world and is frequently used as an example of clean information design.

Check it out here:

Juro privacy policy

Now, you can use the design patterns created for the Juro privacy notice on your own website privacy notice for free! You just need to include a credit with this wording and these links: "This privacy notice is based on an open-sourced design from Juro  and Stefania Passera  - get your own free privacy policy template."

The privacy design patterns offered include:

  • A 'privacy summary' modal
  • The full layered privacy notice

See the technical readme file for developer instructions on how you can deploy these privacy design patterns in your own privacy notice.

If you build your website with Webflow, Bearer has adapted these design patterns into a free Webflow template you can clone and customise. Note you must still include in the Webflow template the credit above.

IMPORTANT LEGAL STUFF (hence the scary capital letters...)

Subject to the below Juro Online Limited (known as Juro) and Stefania Passera grant you a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive right to use the design patterns in the privacy notice and the code base in this repository.

  • You MUST customise the text of the agreement to cover the needs of your business. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all privacy notice.
  • You may adjust the design of the privacy notice to suit your brand but you must not resell or redistribute the privacy notice in your product or service.
  • Users of the privacy design patterns expressly agree that they do not consider the patterns legal advice in any way.
  • The Juro privacy notice uses icons from - these icons are not open source and can be used only for this project.
  • Juro Online Limited and Stefania Passera expressly exclude any liability arising from the use of the privacy design patterns or the privacy notice you build.


Open source privacy notice design patterns.








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